Monday, 18 October 2021

Presumed Argentatus Herring Gull

 Aberaeron 17.10

A real bruiser of a Herring Gull on the beach sports pitch this evening. Appreciably larger than all the other Herring Gulls, very little black in the primary tips and a slightly darker grey on the mantle. Very darkly streaked around head and upper neck, and a less rounded head - long sloping forehead, angled at the rear crown.

All the other Herring Gulls treated it with great respect, as it hogged a large food item. When first seen on a roof top in silhouette, its size and bulk made it look different to the other HGs.
Bit dull and distant for a photo tonight. But a bird worth a look at, if it sticks. Feedback welcomed.
Whether it's an Argentatus or not remains to be seen. But it certainly ticked the boxes.
Otherwise, it was high tide and the only waders pushed up, north along the beach, were around 30 Gurlews, 25+ Oystercatchers, 5 Turnstones and 2 Redshanks.
The sea, as usual, was peppered with Med Gulls.

Phil Baber & Pam Buckle