Tuesday, 1 September 2015


I had a long and enjoyable visit to Ynyslas this morning, despite quite a bit of disturbance, and I was the sole birdwatcher there!
At the Point wader numbers were building up, Sandwich Terns were gathering and there were a noteworthy 47 Kittewakes but all fled in a panic as a female Peregrine dashed about above them, sometimes skimming over the water, sometimes higher chasing individual waders. That went on for a while until she was joined by a noisy, screaming young Peregrine but eventually they both sped off.
The waders returned only to be immediately put up by a rampant dog whose owner is a regular there (shambolic looking, long white hair and whose dog regularly chases the birds).
All eventually settled down although terns did not come back for about an hour. In the end they totalled 225. Wader numbers were down on yesterday although the arrival of 51 Knot was a real highlight.
3 more dogs put up many birds, a canoe arrived and a couple got out, walked around a bit and retreated back to Aberdyfi and all came to an end when a couple walked out and around the Point and did not turn back until every remaining bird had fled.
National Nature Reserve or what?
(In Mike Bailey's day he did organise a staff member (Aline Denton who did an excellent job for a season or two) to advise members of the public of the need to avoid disturbing hundreds of resting migrating birds at this vital refuelling and rest point. There is not another such site anywhere near here. There is not even an explanatory noticeboard and visiting birders always comment on this whole issue, as they did yesterday and the day before. Now, the only time I see a staff member outside is to collect car park fees. Perhaps this may promote debate, once again!)
Some of the Knot: