Sunday, 7 February 2016

Videos for free + Canon 550D for sale

Apparently charity shops no longer want Videos which are the old sort not DVD's.

I have the following free for anyone who still has a videoplayer and wants them:

Life in the Freezer  double vid unopened so pristine.  BBC D. Attenborough
The Life Of Birds   treble vid in box  unused              BBC          "
Warblers of Britain and Europe narr Bill Oddie, filmed P Doherty Bird Images  2.5 hrs
Birds Of Southern Africa           Guy Gibbon           1hr
Undiscovered Country RSPB guide to the Scottish Flows
The Egret has landed  Narr by Tony Soper   1hr about the colonisation of south Devon by Little Egrets

In original box: Canon 550D with EFS 18-55mm image stabilised lens  2 spare batteries plus charger, 58mm HOYA polarising lens . Price:  £135 which is what we were offered in part ex but thought someone might want or need a bargain more than the dealer!   Excellent condition but now surplus to requirements.
01974 299166