Friday, 28 October 2016

Great Grey Shrikes in Ceredigion

The great grey shrike at Cross Inn forest showing well in the scrub to the left approaching the T junction. It was feeding on wasps or more likely hornets looking at the size of them. Info for Tony Cross - this bird has not been ringed as can be seen from the poor quality but close crop. Also fieldfare, gold crest, raven, red kite, stonechat and great spotted woodpecker. On walking back to the car a weasel scurried across the path in front of us. Thought for a minute it was dog shit on legs as there is so much of it there now on the path - disgusting and irresponsible.

Shane Jones

Two of the six photos that Shane sent from his visit yesterday.  I agree with John about it being a juvenile. When a very scarce bird turns up at the same site year after year it's easy to assume that the same bird is involved but this looks different to the ones photographed in previous years.
The reason for my heading to this piece is that Chris went to Llyn Syfydrin yesterday and confirmed the continued presence of the Great Grey Shrike.  
Are there any more in the county?  Shall we all keep our eyes peeled in suitable habitat?