Sunday, 25 December 2016

The Bird Report

As you can imagine, I very much agree with Roys' remarks about the report. There are many species in decline (red/amber listed) which are still relatively widespread and easy to find in Ceredigion. Perhaps as a county we could choose a different species every year to focus upon. Not as a formal survey, just try and send in all our records for that bird that year and be more conscious about looking out for them. Greenfinch is not, I think, listed at present, but its population has nearly halved in the last twenty years. They live around us in towns and villages and come to feeders so might be easier to assess for any one who was not able to get out and about so much,for whatever reason. I also think it can be valuable, albeit in a small way, to just repeat a favourite walk every year at about the same time and see if you notice any apparent changes. Happy Christmas to everyone.