Thursday, 9 February 2017

Glaucous Gull at Ynyslas

A phone call from John prompted me to leave the house at about 11:30 having only been in for a few minutes, to go to Ynyslas and look for a Glaucous Gull reported to have been seen there.
When I arrived I spotted a gull, quite some way away, all on its own and looking very white.  I walked a good distance out towards the water, (following tracks perhaps left by another birder?) until I was able to get a reasonable look at the bird through my scope, sure enough it was a Glaucous.  Much whiter than the bird seen recently on college rocks, it was the only gull to be seen.
On my way home I decided to stop briefly at the Clettwr, hoping to add Dipper to my year list.  Luckily one was visible just downstream from the bridge, and a Green Sandpiper was showing even closer, almost under the bridge.

Bob Relph