Friday, 30 June 2017

Ring and gull and Ireland.

The most exciting thing on the grey,cold and windy coast at Llanon today was a dead Herring Gull with a BTO ring on it, so as it didn't move I could read it easily!

Interestingly a cattle egret is over the water at Wexford, perhaps it swopped with the K.Eider.

There is an excellent selection of scarce birds already in SE Ireland; its a pity the ferry is so expensive as it makes a very good short break destination particularly as the sea passage can produce some excellent sightings.
Elfyn Pugh organised a Cere birders trip some years ago which involved going over, having a meal and returning same day preceded by a seawatch at Mwnt and a fry-up in the caff outside Fishguard ferry terminal.  Harry and I saw a tern with a strange orangey -yellow beak which we couldn't put a name to; I remembered it this week with all the talk of Elegant Tern in England.