Friday, 30 June 2017

Some thoughts

I have every sympathy with Edward's encounter with dogs at Ynyslas.  I think he was unfortunate, as my usual bad experiences there have involved watching dogs running through the wader roost with their owners either unknowing or unconcerned about the chaos they were causing.
Personally, I prefer Ynyslas very early in the morning, preferably when it's raining or cold.  You still get a few dog walkers, but I find most of them to be reasonable people with friendly and well-behaved dogs.

Like Liz, Bob and I were on the cold and windy coast this morning, at Aberaeron failing to see the King Eider.  Liz's posting brought back memories of the ferry trip to Ireland.  I don't think I will ever forget Liz and I watching a fairly large orange/yellow billed tern fly past and both of us thinking " did I really see that".  Another mystery bird; we've all had a few.
Finally Liz,  I loved the photo of the young Cuckoo.