Saturday, 28 March 2020


Some records mainly from the garden list, outskirts of Aberaeron. Staying mainly at home since Monday as per pleas from the NHS.

Sunday 22 March The leucistic Herring Gull reported a week or so ago was in Aberaeron harbour.

Monday 23 Pair of prospecting Long-tailed Tits.
Tuesday 24  Singing Blackcap – first this year.
Wednesday 25 Dipper near bridge under which they nested last year. Pair of Grey Wagtails feeding in the muddy leat (also Thursday 26 and Friday 27). 
Friday 27 Male Blackbird collecting worms – a beak-full. A heavy frost overnight with a thin ice on shallow puddles in leat, so good some of his young must have survived the night. Only one singing Chiffchaff – two heard competing against each other since 19 March.

Ian Harrison