Tuesday, 10 March 2020

New Quay

This morning there was a flock of Black headed Gulls working the fields near my house. The scope showed that several Meds were also present with at least 4 developing hoods.  
Older sightings include a Chiffchaff 2nd week of Feb and a male Blackcap feeding an a fatball on the fourth week of Feb ( Kendall Evans ,New Road New Quay ).
I have had a pair of Greenfinch in the garden. On the 6th of March at Bird’s Rock a Gannet made a close pass. Auks were present again that day. In the distance a male Kestrel (probably the resident bird) was doing a spectacular display flight with feigning dives, presumably on the female that I could not see from my location.
Spot the Med Gulls

Viv Evans