Sunday, 16 August 2020

Llyn Mynydd Gorddu

I have visited Llyn Mynydd Gorddu again and seen the following -
2 teal, 
A juvenile moorhen, 
A little grebe feeding a small chick (so this would be a different pair to the one seen earlier in the year) plus a different adult.
2 female/juvenile tufted ducks. Either the female has gone walkabout or one of the remaining ducklings has died, leaving just the one. 
A kestrel was overhead and a stockdove flew over (the first I have seen in the area for a long time.)

There were about 40 swallows over and around the pond.

Perhaps most interesting though was the excellent variety of dragon/damsel flies present.

On this visit were emerald and blue-tailed damsels, common darters, black darters, a "pair" of common hawkers, and emperor dragonflies. That must add up to at least ten species altogether. 

Jerry Moore