Sunday, 6 September 2020

Re Colour-ringed Turnstone at Ynyslas

The Turnstones that Dave Thomas reported from Ynyslas are part of a new project being run jointly by Mid Wales Ringing Group and SCAN to increase ringing data on Turnstones wintering in and passing through Wales. The colour code of the rings and flags is identical in both areas so the three-digit code needs to be read to identify the bird individually. In this instance, as SCAN have not used any of their flags yet I can confidently say that these three birds were ringed in Ceredigion, probably at Ynyslas, and probably a night or two before Dave saw them. 

Records of ALL colour-ringed waders, particularly repeat sightings of the same bird, are wanted as a big part of what we want to discover is how long individual birds stay at a particular site before moving on. 

We have also just started contributing to an All-Wales leg-flagging project on Knot for the same reasons.

Pictures of what to look for here

Please email with any sightings.