Friday, 13 November 2020

Farewell John Valentine

Congratulations on moving to Lancashire;  the finest county in England by far, of course, and home of the best pies in the land (I know you're a man who enjoys his food). Seriously though, all the best to you and Shan.  Some excellent birding around there as you say, I also recommend Mere Sands Wood.

Although our paths have not crossed very often in recent years, I will miss our occasional meetings, on the prom among other places, with even the odd pint featuring at times.

So good luck from all your birding friends in Ceredigion and further afield, mostly the old-timers I imagine.  When all this Covid 19 thing has died down you must come back here for the occasional field trip.

PS  I was at Maesllyn on Wednesday, desperately looking for something unusual to put on the blog.  Trust you to find it.