Thursday, 12 November 2020

Where sheep safely graze

 Pleased to see a green woodpecker today fly from the pasture on the north side of Maesllyn, Cors Caron into the big oak tree near the farm. Used to hear them a lot in the spring in South Wales in my youth. 

We are going ourselves to be saying goodbye to Ceredigion and my birding friends. We are moving to Orrell, in the old county of Lancashire - to be nearer Shan's daughter and future husband.  There are some very good birding spots nearby such as Pennington and Wigan Flashes and Orrell Water Park, and further afield Formby, Southport, Martin Mere and Leighton Moss. Good support from County Council and excellent footpath access. Wigan Flashes allegedly sits right at the centre of a network of habitats that support 10% of the UK’s willow tits: eat your heart out Ian Morris!