Thursday, 18 March 2021

Aberporth and around.

 Three separate close range sightings of Goshawk have been my highlights recently though one was just over the border at a massive Starling roost the others were over suitable woodland just east of Cardigan and could have involved just the one bird.

In the bay the Scoter flock has crept up to 38 accompanied by 4 Great Crested Grebes and Rock Pipits are collecting nest material on the cliffs.

I am noting all the local rookeries as I find them and note from Birds of Ceredigion that in the past they were not to be found near the coast in this part of the world: today Aberporth has a 20+ colony not 100m from the beach carpark!  I am interested to see how many are in Ash trees and how they will get on with the disease making them even more brittle than usual.

The largest group in one tree that I have ever seen was just outside Llangeitho in a massive oak: over 30 nests as I recall but yesterday as I passed there were none but a handful up the road in another tree.

Arthur Chater collected rookery records for the northern half of Ceredigion for many years and it would be a splendid project for someone to revisit and check out the numbers and locations now.  Yes, that Arthur who has chronicled so many areas of interest in Ceredigion!