Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Colour-ringed Med Gulls, etc.

 The following is from Mike Wallen, Bucks County Bird Recorder, who was staying in Llanon last week.Sightings from Llanon beach.

12th July   Red ring J002 ringed in Slovenia.  Previously read by Arfon

White ring 3LL2 ringed in Belgium.  

13th July  Yellow ring AY.CU.  Previously read by Arfon

About 50 Med Gulls flew north up the coast on the morning of the 12th, with about with about 40 lingering on the beach there at high tide.                                                                                                           Other sightings of interest included dolphins on the 12th and retturning waders including a few colour-ringed Curlews, three Whimbrel on the 13th, Sanderling and Turnstone.

Mike Wallen

White 3LL2 was ringed as a pullus on 25/06/19.  I will sentd a history of subsequent sightings to anyone who wants one as I am unable to transfer the document on the blog.