Friday, 15 October 2021

Golden Plover - Aberaeron North Beach

Yesterday,  224 Golden Plover, in a tight flock, huddled between the rocks and beach boulders at north beach. Close to shore.  Found near dusk. Most were tired and sleeping.

Very hard to pick out and, if we hadn't been grilling the gull flock there we would've just walked past them. On the way back we had trouble finding them again. But they were all still snoozing until dark when, one imagines, they were to carry on migrating. Poor record shots of part of the flock were taken.
The physical count may have missed some amongst the beach rocks.
Otherwise, 17 Turnstone (probably more), 30+ Curlew (including flock of 20), 30+ Oystercatcher.
80+ Med Gulls. Good Redwing passage after dark, as the night before.

Earlier at Dihewyd a flock of around 27 Redwing over house and a female Sparrowhawk shot through.
Golden Plovers

Phil Baber & Pam Buckle