Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Cattle Egrets

I must admit I was sceptical about the Cattle Egrets reported near the boatyard but decided to go and have a look, just in case.
Edward and Bob were already there and Edward and I had a good look round without success before going for a seawatch.  Russell had been at the brick house earlier and had all the good birds so we had to be content with a nice little collection of waders on the beach, i.e. Grey Plover, Dunlin, five Ringed Plover, six Whimbrel, two Bar-tailed Godwits and two Sanderling. We didn't see the Yellow Wagtail which called as it flew over.
Edward drove off just before me so I was more than surprised when my phone rang and he told me the egrets were back.  He had seen them from his car as he approached the road bridge, and so we spent a very pleasant session enjoying the six Cattle Egrets in the bright sunshine, being joined by Russell later.
Three poor photos of the birds: I'm sure someone will get better ones.