Saturday, 17 July 2021

Aberystwyth, Borth and Glandyfi

 I had a similar itinerary this morning to Harry but a bit later. I counted 64 meds at Aberystwyth, 51 on College rocks with some more off the point + a Kittiwake  and a few on the sea. 

Then up to Borth. First stop at the lifeboat station where there were several rafts of Shearwaters probably 1 to 2 thousand or so in total and a continual stream of birds heading north. Then up to the top end of Borth near the Golf club where I met Harry for a while. Here there were much larger numbers in fact the sea was mostly one huge raft which erupted from time to time into a feeding frenzie with plunging Gannets. But by this time having seen Harry's photos the activity was a lot further out.

A quick stop at Glandyfi where I saw 11 Lapwings, 5 Common Sands and 4 Redshank but all distant either up or downstream.

Martin Creasser